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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Stockholm.

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ID 156514

James Pember

Founder/CEO of @sparta and also founded Swedish tech news site @the-startup-space-ab

ID 167654

Stephanie Linder

Works at @klarna with Employer branding

ID 97705

Wouter Veenstra

Former Community Manager at I am a strong Networker and a Web Visionary with a wide range of skills and interests. Studying Gamification and HumanComputer Interactions online.

ID 426678

Anette Nordvall

Partner Stockholms Business Angels, CEO Programmera MGM, Partner, Owner STEAM Consulting Creative SALES Strategist and Business Innovator ICT

ID 511102

Sebastian Benkert ☝

Innovation seeker, Design lover and Communication strategist | Team @regattable | Fulbright Grad @s-i-newhouse-school-of-public-communications | MS & MBA

ID 72755

Nils Svangård


CTO at

ID 417097

John Sjölander

Head of Special Operations, Sticky AB prev. Burt, Contribio, Mediabricks, Red Message, Spotfire.

ID 10245

Scott Sage


VC at @dfj-esprit; Angel Investor & Startup Advisor

ID 102191


founder at opportunities unlimited @opportunities__ (prelaunch : V @alpha-2) Creative intelligence Consultant (Founder

ID 7554

Stefan Krafft

Entrepreneur - Marketer - Father - Proud co-founder of @listandtell @ecomote and partner of @leadsius Love good ideas, AIK and redwine.

ID 386186

Tristan Henriksson Edwards

Founder of Ludu & Free Running Sweden • Studied at @royal-institute-of-technology

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 168406

Joel Marsh

Experience Architect. Worked at @stardoll, @trustpilot , & @piczo. Author of "The Composite Persuasion". Founder @teller-1

ID 593193

Marianthi Koukouvinos

Started a bank in Switzerland. Raised a VC fund of 50m Euros. Global Executive MBA (Columbia University, London Business School, Hong Kong University).

ID 117297

Patrick Perlmutter

Head up product & marketing @infinit. Former EIR @lecamping. BA @college-of-william-and-mary. MBA @hec-paris. Experience working @apple.

ID 519918

Ricardo Vice Santos

Growth, New Markets at @spotify, advisor, frequent flyer, failed rock star. Passionate about emerging economies, social entrepreneurship & micro finance.

ID 147641

Siam Choudhury

Global Product Manager @fundedbyme (2014-) Ex Account Manager & SMB Partner Manager at @facebook (2010-2013)

ID 284318

Johan Tervald

Founder and Head of marketing @promobucket Entrepreneur. Founder of Jays.

ID 478783

Pranav Kosuri

Worked at @shortcut-labs • Studied at @california-institute-of-technology, @stockholm-university University. M.Sc. Molecular Biology, Founder & CEO of Alternance AB and

ID 266480

Tetiana Siianko

Founder and CEO @Lonely Walls.

ID 396321

Sanna Nilsson

CEO and co-founder of @codarica. We aim to teach children an universal language; programming.

ID 211417

Chris Murphy


Investors Manager @SummitDublin Connecting start ups and investors at Europe's largest tech event.

ID 96609

Ylva Strander

Works with marketing and product development at Meltwater, started and Background in sales and business development.

ID 103210

Pejman Dashti

Entrepreneur, start-up mentor and public speaker.I'm active in all topics regarding startups but mostly accelerators, lean methodology & angel investment.

ID 114077

Alexander V Garbu

Founder & CVO @ iQubator

ID 144510

Carl-Fredrik Wållgren

ID 391854

Alexander af Ekenstam

Digital strategist

ID 177985

Sergej Kotliar

M.Sc. in Media Technology from KTH. Previously Founder/CTO of Rabble, now Founder/CEO of Banterfly

ID 407749

Morteza Zandieh

Founder @centroid-studio • Worked at @google • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 576565

Dirkje Viljoen

Mobile Service designer

ID 248783

David Prentell

CMO/ Co-founder of Vamos. Previous event organiser, MD of Tatchies (e-commerce & retail), marketing / strategy at award winning agencies Isobar, AKQA & McCann.

ID 738028

Märta Nyström Terne

Marketing Executive with strong PR background

ID 103094

Sophie Uesson

MA graduate, project manager, community specialist, tech creative

ID 292079


Manager at PwC Consulting, focusing on IT strategy. Previous at Accenture. Founder of energy startup Minesto. Wants back to the startup world.

ID 282191

Nikos Bitsakakis

Stockholm School of Economics Graduate, Highly CS/ICT-literate, Data Analysis Freak, Brand Management Believer

ID 192752

Vitali Poluzhnikov

Studied at @hyper-island, @concordia-university

ID 147034

Carl Fohlin

SSE Student, passionate about frameworks and processes for seed stage ventures. Looking for internships where I can learn to manage a portfolio of ventures.

ID 322137

Rickard Strömgren

Founder looking for next challenge.

ID 112657

Lars Wahlström

Business driven consultant and entrepreneur, passionate about Internet, Mobile and Social Media. Extensive experience from the online gaming industry, B2B & B2C

ID 155350

Thomas Nilsson

Founder @manticore-capital • Worked at @brummer-partners-asset-management • Studied at @stockholm-school-of-economics

ID 776363

Henrik von Stockenström


Founder of KickInvest, media-for-equity fund investing in startups and growth companies. Background in corporate finance, business strategy, capital raises etc

ID 116977

William Stocks

Employer Relations @ @aevy / Early-stage technology investor / Owner of @anatomica & @limehouse / @chalmers-institute-of-technology Dropout

ID 221933

Pelle Ljungwall

CEO of zkyon inc. Young business professional, digital freedom fighter & disruptive entrepreneur. Launching something ground breaking soon.

ID 411385

George Jurgens

Third Culture Kid, passionate about startups, Business minded with a side of Analytics. Experience in Social Gaming, Social Media, Marketing, User Acquisitions.

ID 395569

Miguel-Angel Siedi-Kosunen

Hospitality professional with international experience and language skills

ID 491417

Annika Österdahl

MSc in life science and business, mainly worked with innovations and start-up projects linked to Karolinska Institutet and the Karolinska University Hospital

ID 681372

Karolina Czako

I am looking for a full-time position in Stockholm in the area of Communication, Marketing, Diversity, CSR, Sustainability and Business Development.

ID 387071

Kristof Goossens

Interactive Art Director Student @hyper Island

ID 446461

Fredrik Gernandt Segerby

Co founder of Tailify, Cass Business School graduate, Head of Tech City Society with 500+ members, Founded my first company when 17 years old.

ID 311327

Gustaf Josefsson

ID 195991

Peter Gestrup

Founder @e-analys • Worked at @match-com-international-ltd • Studied at @gothenburg-university

ID 118059

Michael Cribari


Highly accomplished success-driven professional, offering proven track record of excellence in online marketing, branding, operations and management.

ID 75212

Victor Sahlstedt

ID 596876

Fiona Finn

LLM European Intellectual Property Law - Creative, Logical, Open.

ID 548668

Jop van Hooft

MSc Student at KTH, Royal Institute of Technolgy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. Graduate June 2014

ID 265286

Maral Kalajian

Helping Startups be visible online! | Web Analytics | Online Marketing | Project Manager | Organic & Paid search | Startups

ID 688825

Marina Alexander

Worked at Reuters

ID 500329

John Reyhani


Founder Fuelmatics Corp • VP Petroleum Marketing, General Constructor, BS Aeronautical Science Embry-riddle-aeronautical-university, and Bachelors from UNF.

ID 15571

Christopher Steele

Founder @European Partnership for Innovation Capital • Worked at @klarna • Studied at @Göteborg University, @kelley School of Business- Indiana University

ID 145119

Susan Sjölund

International communications professional with a passion for social media, helping brands connect with the right people, using smart tools and cool technology.

ID 667932

Jocelyn Chan

Brand Experience and Customer Relations Specialist. Add some out of the box perspective and strategic variety to your team with me!

ID 440966

Thomas Dahlquist

Consultant in web development and marketing. Bachelor's degree in Advertising/PR. 2,5+ years business experience in web, marketing and graphic design.

ID 250313

David Turnbull

Growth and Marketing at Resource Guru, cloud-based team scheduling software.

ID 456457


Work at B2B startup Scrive as frontend developer.

ID 207694

Sam Englund

#Creative and #Hyperisland Alumni. Trying to make the world better by making things.

ID 558656

David Nordberg

David Nordberg | Work, game, sleep, retweet | Any game, any platform | CMO @maginteractive | A Ruzzler for life | Husband and father of two | Tweets are my own

ID 432986

Joco Todorovski

Marketing Director at @ibuywesell-ab

ID 396260

Matthew Trustrum


Entrepreneur;Investor;Award Winning Biz Owner;Conference Speaker. Expert: International Sales,Biz Dev,Branding, Recruitment,Talent,High Social Intelligence

ID 238009


Development and design - elegant solutions to get things working together and looking great.

ID 109504

Rodrigo Cauduro

Co-founder of full service digital agency.Digital entrepreneur.

ID 118133

Åke Bendel


Founder of FIXIDO.COM and also running some existing business in northern Europe. Contact me for any questions.

ID 643310

Daniel Bertlin

Stockholm School of Economics, business major. Launched 2 companies winning multiple prices for the second startup.

ID 62501

Haseeb Tariq

@startupweekend, @ted, Bryght, Kauzz

ID 491643

Martin Sundquist

Worked at @campanja, @web-guide-partner • Studied at @stockholm-university, @shanghai-university

ID 431379

Martin Holmin

Technical Architect at Folkia AS.

ID 409004

Adrian Swartz

Co-founder & CEO of Cruitway - a mobile application matching employers with talent. Serial entrepreneur within digital business. Execution in focus.

ID 634498

Fabian Wahlgren

Civ. Ing. from KTH. Focus on business development, marketing & sales within media industry.

ID 492665

Stefan Kragh

Music specialist and operations manager, from wireframes through launch, at two music streaming services.

ID 195852


Swedish Digital Advertising dude. Ten year Farfar veteran. FWA judge. Spending days at McCann and nights making stuff like, &

ID 446212

Björn Alberts

Passionate marketer helping brands to change and to ride the evolution

ID 603355

Musfiqur Hilaly

Online Marketing Intern in, honest and have a can do attitude within this world of online marketing.

ID 395452

Thomas Bailey

Growth @ Spotify, Founder own company, Sony Mobile, Startups

ID 175726

Daniel Kolvik

ID 462401

Dan Paech

Health economist and health start-up consultant

ID 664368

Ben Harper

Talented & Inspired Designer & Online Marketer Brings Passion, Success and Growth to Every Project

ID 292624


ID 448215

Nagendra Siddoutam

Oxford MBA, Experience in opening up Europe geography for various Global companies, Worked in two services start ups, Worked with public and private sectors

ID 362445

Alexandre Vidal Pinheiro

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