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ID 711509

Johan Molin


Serial entreprenour from Sweden with a background from online, tech, consulting and management looking for a fun international opportunity

ID 579772

Hans Peter Roth

ID 211417

Chris Murphy


Investors Manager @SummitDublin Connecting start ups and investors at Europe's largest tech event.

ID 39929

Rickard Damm

Product Management and Business Development within Cloud (telecom / enterprise) and Digital Media - MBA from Stockholm School of Economics

ID 72755

Nils Svangård


CTO at

ID 606329

Esther-Lou Pass

M.Sc. in Computer Science, 6 years of managememt consulting experience.

ID 778243

Spencer Stewart Shander

Recently completed MSc in Sustainable Development. Looking to pursue career with startup to leverage my skill set.

ID 468919

Amir Sharifat

Founder @shortcut-labs • Worked at Sandvik • Studied at @royal-institute-of-technology

ID 147641

Siam Choudhury

Global Product Manager @fundedbyme (2014-) Ex Account Manager & SMB Partner Manager at @facebook (2010-2013)

ID 524403

Sam Pilling

Experienced Operations and Finance Exec focused on growth and risk management. Multi-lingual with degrees from Yale (BA) and HEC Paris/Columbia (MBA).

ID 616360

Katja Leonova

MSc from Moscow, PhD from Stockholm, MBA online-based U21Next University. Entreperneur, innovations in medicine

ID 91194

Tim He


VC @northzone • Co-founder of @groupon in China • Passionate about consumer tech, e-commerce, everything connected • @harvard-business-school @oxford-university

ID 52170

Michael Bergman

GoBreakTheIce. Digital Life Academy 2011 Runner-up

ID 4555

Net Jacobsson


Co-founder & General Partner @sparklabs-global-ventures & @sparklabs Accelerator in Seoul. Former Executive at @facebook. Father of 4. Mountain Biker.

ID 625217

Michael McCann

Economics graduate, site operations, 2+ year content managment and optimisation experience, worked at

ID 593193

Marianthi Koukouvinos

Started a bank in Switzerland. Raised a VC fund of 50m Euros. Global Executive MBA (Columbia University, London Business School, Hong Kong University).

ID 88503

Lars Verhoef

Value investor

ID 508268

Mattias Engman

Entrepreneur and backend/frontend/cross mobile/cloud developer with strong business focus..

ID 499163

Mohamad Khankan

My startups are hit your interests

ID 688683

Rickard Pettersson

Generalist, hands on relations and problem solver

ID 492665

Stefan Kragh

Music specialist and operations manager, from wireframes through launch, at two music streaming services.

ID 491417

Annika Österdahl

MSc in life science and business, mainly worked with innovations and start-up projects linked to Karolinska Institutet and the Karolinska University Hospital

ID 607621

Lena Törnblom

- start-up management - people engagement - executive business coach within communication and strategy

ID 448215

Nagendra Siddoutam

Oxford MBA, Experience in opening up Europe geography for various Global companies, Worked in two services start ups, Worked with public and private sectors

ID 446461

Fredrik Gernandt Segerby

Co founder of Tailify, Cass Business School graduate, Head of Tech City Society with 500+ members, Founded my first company when 17 years old.

ID 634498

Fabian Wahlgren

Civ. Ing. from KTH. Focus on business development, marketing & sales within media industry.

ID 548668

Jop van Hooft

MSc Student at KTH, Royal Institute of Technolgy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. Graduate June 2014

ID 776363

Henrik von Stockenström


Founder of KickInvest, media-for-equity fund investing in startups and growth companies. Background in corporate finance, business strategy, capital raises etc

ID 147034

Carl Fohlin

SSE Student, passionate about frameworks and processes for seed stage ventures. Looking for internships where I can learn to manage a portfolio of ventures.

ID 116977

William Stocks

Employer Relations @ @aevy / Early-stage technology investor / Owner of @anatomica & @limehouse / @chalmers-institute-of-technology Dropout

ID 700650

Sabina Wizander

Industrial engineer, currently at McKinsey & Co (since 3 years) managing project and junior colleagues, looking for new challenges

ID 681448

Jonas Rinkebymannen

badman a badman

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