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ID 225362

Alex Michael

Engineer at @tictail. Worked at @editd, @ubs, @bloomberg. CS at @imperial-college-london-1.

ID 386186

Tristan Henriksson Edwards

Founder of Ludu & Free Running Sweden • Studied at @royal-institute-of-technology

ID 291414

Mikael Högqvist

Distributed and scalable systems, PhD

ID 97233

Andreas Hassellöf

Founder & CEO at @helishopter.

ID 167654

Stephanie Linder

Works at @klarna with Employer branding

ID 72755

Nils Svangård


CTO at

ID 203246

José Manuel Pérez Pérez

Worked at @spotify

ID 280601

Jimmy Brodd

Senior Developer • Co-Founder @teller-1

ID 417097

John Sjölander

Head of Special Operations, Sticky AB prev. Burt, Contribio, Mediabricks, Red Message, Spotfire.

ID 402006

Filip Kiš

CTO & co-founder of TrainedOn. Coding for passion since I can remember and getting paid for it since high school. Doing a PhD in HCI with Entrepreneurship focus

ID 267366

Hugo Cristóvão de Campos

Software/web developer and Javascript, node.js, AngularJS and mongoDB lover/enthusiast.

ID 77885

Arno Smit

co-founder @fundedbyme, Developer / Designer / Entrepreneur. Namibian born, living in Sweden

ID 212186

Wenbin Wu

Worked at @fyndiq @mozilla, @hackerhires • Studied at @uppsala-university, @nankai-university

ID 419668

Bernardo Pericacho Sánchez

PhD Student. Worked at @icex, @indra-systems.

ID 150444

Valdis Pornieks

Founder @rentmama

ID 45747

Andrew Crookston

Builder. Imagining a better world where we combine our intelligence. Co-founder @throwdown-fitness-community . From Sweden.

ID 52170

Michael Bergman

GoBreakTheIce. Digital Life Academy 2011 Runner-up

ID 73827

Phillipe Casorla Sagot

Lead iOS Developer @lifesum • Worked as CTO at @saborstudio • Studied at @Costa Rica Institute of Technology

ID 717291

Rebecca Meritz

Lead Developer FundedByMe, Full Stack Developer with BE emphasis

ID 508025

Fabian Linzberger

functional programming enthusiast, full stack developer including devops know how

ID 40440

Marcus Ericsson


Lead Engineer @salesforce; Computer Science @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, Entrepreneur on the @startupbus

ID 91042

Jonas Grimfelt

Co-founder of @merchii. Nightowl. Front-To-Back Developer. High ambitions with focus on fundamentally refactor e-commerce which I consider broken by design.

ID 24636

Giovanni Casinelli

Co-founder & CEO of Asteroid • Worked at @openratio • Studied at @politecnico-milano

ID 553426

Aaron McCoy

Founder @betbox. Strong product design, development, UX and business strategy experience in several entrepreneurial ventures.

ID 392279

Marit Brademann

Worked at @groupon, @sapient • Studied at @university-of-mannheim, @warsaw-school-of-economics

ID 420343

Per-Olov Jernberg

Polyglot programmer

ID 263237

Johan Lundström

Chalmers CS, No regard for office politics, ride my bike everywhere, I do whatever it takes to get to the goal, I rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

ID 430660

Mikael Gransell

ID 407749

Morteza Zandieh

Founder @centroid-studio • Worked at @google • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 177985

Sergej Kotliar

M.Sc. in Media Technology from KTH. Previously Founder/CTO of Rabble, now Founder/CEO of Banterfly

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 58238

Timo Sulg

Founder @giftvisor, @rankademy • Worked at @versioneye, @swedbank • Studied at @tallinn-university

ID 227580

Mikael Gustavsson

Co-founder and CTO of GoBreakTheIce

ID 586538

Håkan Nylén

Founder @dirble • Worked at @klarna, @vionlabs-webbstory • Studied at @blekinge-institute-of-technology

ID 205338

Sean Lars Ganser

Founder Infinite Scan • Worked at @mobile-roadie, @greatapps • Studied at @polytechnic-institute-of-new-york-university

ID 71228

Soares Chen

ID 224289

Thomas Burgess

Physicist / Data scientist. Works as research director @indoo-rs

ID 550442



ID 30177

Joonas Jokela

Worked at @rovio, @songhi-entertainment • Studied at @hyper-island

ID 115815

Michael Roterman

Founder @zaplife & @betobe. MSc at KTH, @stanford-university.

ID 380320

Lars Vinberg

CTO, co-founder, tech strategist, team lead, hands-on, PM, UX designer - social, mobile, cloud, computational imaging, enterprise software - CS, EE, MBA.

ID 519918

Ricardo Vice Santos

Growth, New Markets at @spotify, advisor, frequent flyer, failed rock star. Passionate about emerging economies, social entrepreneurship & micro finance.

ID 101462

Germán Leiva

Master in HCI at Université Paris-Sud and KTH; Information System Engineer; Worked at Telecom, Siemens and Tobii

ID 456457


Work at B2B startup Scrive as frontend developer.

ID 378636

Emin Jasarevic

Started a web hosting and web development company in Stockholm.

ID 688235

Qi Qi

MSc in Distributed Computing

ID 291023


1.5 years start-up experience as Embedded Designer at Marna Tech AB working on high resolution positioning system, responsible for both hardware design and software development. Enthusiastic about varies kinds of technologies, such as embedded design, Wi

ID 56361

Sharjeel Ahmed

I make things.

ID 282470

Cyrus Toumaj


Founder of Feedfiller. 2nd startup out of high school. Strong business background (Credit Suisse & Barclays). Meng Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College.

ID 169557

Fredrik Jönsson

Software developer; Studied CS at @stockholm-university University

ID 513678

Roelof Pieters

R&D, Compu-Sci, Big Data, Machine (Deep) Learning, Word-nerd, Language Analysis, Video Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Anthropology, Graph Theory/DB...

ID 98985

Par Thunberg

Bärnt & Ärnst is a small design and web development company run by the brothers Pär & Olle Thunberg.

ID 276939

Mattias Hising

Experienced Product Manager and Web Engineer. Currently at EA (ESN). Former lead developer and Product Manager at (Ongame/bwin). Owns and runs my own company.

ID 517591

Marcus Folkeryd

Studied at @uppsala-university

ID 40704

Thanos Makris

Co-Founder and CEO of iMellon. Awarded Software Engineer. Problem Solver.

ID 467083

Joel Purra

Full stack generalist developer; polyglot; open source enthusiast; Swedish. Available from August/September 2014.

ID 48988

Joakim Thorén

CEO @versatile-security. Expert in IT Security, Software, Smart Cards and PKI. International experience in R&D, Integration and Management.

ID 211876

Daniel Skantze

Creative programmer, working with machines as well as people. Founder @teller-1

ID 445149

Kaviraj Murugesan

Karlstad University / KTH, MSc in EE, Worked at SICS, Infosys. Machine Learning, BI, Full stack Software developer

ID 192454

Xiaowei Chen

Passionate about technologies and solving hard problems, participated in 3 start-up companies.

ID 613678

Amirhossein Fouladi

MSc Computer Science, Functional programming enthusiast, looking for internship / entry-level jobs to build future career. Experienced Linux user

ID 320563

Diana Gren

Master's student Computer Science, worked at Splunk, passion for problem solving and clean code.

ID 170508

Magnus Forsberg

Founder @coachly • Worked at @swedbank, @ottoboni • Studied at @hyper-island

ID 262939

Waseem Soomro

Founder at Mitrae, and productguy at few.

ID 132314

Andreas Bergström

Studied at @stockholm-university

ID 95995

William Rudenmalm Högman

Internet entrepreneur, statistics geek and programmer @agflow

ID 261489

Oxana Sachenkova

CS graduate, bioinformatician, love coding, data analysis, web.

ID 335920

Konstantinos Vaggelakos Engineer from Sweden, Full stack (including mobile), successfully executed different jobs while studying

ID 331474

Fabrice Marchal

Data scientist, Ph.D., building a team in eLearning.

ID 454671

Georgios Dimitriadis

Eyetracking algorithm development, Tobii Technology

ID 121362

Henrik Holdt

Founder of

ID 372578

Joel Mickelin

Joel Mickelin, MSc., Software Engineer, looking to relocate to North America. Fast learner with good knowledge of commonly used languages and platforms.

ID 195498

Christoffer Wallin

Missionary of music and founder of @jamclouds • Creative Design @sprinklebit • Worked at @bts, @swedish-armed-forces • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 497318

Simon Kjellberg

Full stack dev; involved in everything between server configuration, backend specifications and frontend development. ❤ DevOps

ID 426959

Jonas Arnklint

RevRise Co-Founder, data driven techie, former podcast host.

ID 331477


Worked at @ibm, @infosys-technologies • Java and FileNet Developer, ECM and Telecom Domain

ID 136696

Filip Bonnevier

Software engineer with a passion for using Python on the web. Worked at Let's Mix (former Tonium) and (founded by Prezi founder Peter Arvai).

ID 393774

Keith Augustsson

ID 590656

Lovisa Skeppe

Finishing my MSc in Computer Science and Machine Learning @KTH

ID 299104


User Experience designer with a fondness for web, gadgets and games. Works at @oddalice. #gamification #design #gameDesign

ID 480151

Fredrik Hellström

Physioterapist with master in HCI

ID 409899

Erdem Osman Asga


ID 289712

Gustaf Elbander

Python enthusiast, javascript ninja, node.js prophet :).

ID 503113

Mohammed Mustafa

System developer 7+ years experience

ID 640053

Dmytro Lytovchenko

Erlang server side

ID 186990

William Macdonald

Founder @macscan-ltd • Worked at @webguide-partner • Studied at @university-of-northumbria

ID 364119

Quenton Longmire Cook

UX Dev at Spotify

ID 118133

Åke Bendel


Founder of FIXIDO.COM and also running some existing business in northern Europe. Contact me for any questions.

ID 431379

Martin Holmin

Technical Architect at Folkia AS.

ID 547279

Bertil Hatt

Data scientist; active in 10+ Start-ups; challenged every metric I’ve ever looked into

ID 158249

Love Dager

Studied at @thoren-business-school School, making websites since I was nine.

ID 50608

Andrey Zhukov

Maker, @toca-boca founding team

ID 580930

Kim Fransman

Intrapreneur who write Ruby & Ember.js apps @ Zmart Dev Sweden.. and plays alot of golf, alot!

ID 760746

Konstantin Petrenko

Full stack Software Engineer with a constant drive for learning new things.

ID 508268

Mattias Engman

Entrepreneur and backend/frontend/cross mobile/cloud developer with strong business focus..

ID 339459

Jonny Baho

16 year old high-school student & entrepreneur; Founder & CEO of Tillister; Developer since the age of 12.

ID 716476

Oleksandr Kucherenko

ID 59455

Christian Landgren

CEO at Iteam, a high tech firm in Stockholm with focus on tech startups and agile development. CTO at Radical.FM and founder of multiple startups.

ID 363485

Oscar Bergstrand

oeuoeuoeuoeuouao uouo eu aou

ID 331255

Chris Browne

Node.js specialist

ID 175726

Daniel Kolvik

ID 213227

Jonas De Vuyst

iOS and Clojure developer. PhD in Philosophy and Hacker School alumnus. Hobbyist programmer since the 90s. Completed half a Bachelor CS program at some point.

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