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ID 212157

David Jouarisse

Your Partner for Growth - at Akka Venture. Passionated about VC Technology Entrepreneurship M&A - with an international outlook. Looking for the next big thing

ID 579772

Hans Peter Roth

ID 389938

Marcus Siezing

CFA, Director of Investments at Dillon Trust Company. Involved in start-ups as investor, advisor, and an entrepreneur.

ID 20823

Nikolaj Nyholm


4-time entrepreneur gone VC. Gaming and open source

ID 357081

Jonas Dromberg


Sweat at @fundedbyme

ID 4555

Net Jacobsson


Co-founder & General Partner @sparklabs-global-ventures & @sparklabs Accelerator in Seoul. Former Executive at @facebook. Father of 4. Mountain Biker.

ID 151621

Henrik Lenberg

Founder & CEO of Auxy • Previously VP of Platform at @soundcloud

ID 146832


ID 102794

Matt Hersh


Head of Enterprise Sales @factual • Founding member @jetblue • Worked at @yodlee, @apple, @redpoint-ventures @originate • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles Anderson School of Management, @boston College

ID 615865

Gabriele Martini

Worked at @nomura-investment-banking

ID 115175

Henrik Torstensson


CEO of Lifesum. Previously with Spotify, Stardoll, TradeDoubler, Spray and Videoplaza (board member). Stockholm-based.

ID 286164

Johan Jörgensen

ID 189511

Stuart Whitfield


CEO of Erlang Solutions, scalability architects in finance, gaming, telecoms, advertising and new media and automotive. Corporate and IP lawyer by background and former CEO of major law firm

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 31868

Erik Jonason

ID 42816

Cragg Nilson


Founder & CEO, Coastal Tech Accelerator. Entrepreneur, investor and startup advisor. Specialize in early and growth stages.

ID 414015

Paula Marttila

Digital Product and Business Developer, Startup Advisor

ID 23853

Ohad Samet


Chief Risk Officer at @klarna. Co-founder @signifyd and @Analyzd (acq by @klarna). @paypal New Ventures. Head of Analytics at FraudSciences (acq by @paypal).

ID 109504

Rodrigo Cauduro

Co-founder of full service digital agency.Digital entrepreneur.

ID 477370

Elin Elkehag

Passionate global citizen and tech enthusiast, connecting large corporations with the start-up world. CEO & Co-Founder @vinna-ventures and @hanelin-of-sweden.

ID 498817

Xue Mei Rhodin

Business strategist for IT, tech, design, game companies. CEO at Cedarwood. Our clients include Nordic Design Collective, CANU and other startups.

ID 303339

Johan Klaesson

M&A and fund raising advisory for European technology ventures ·

ID 195681

Marcus B. Svensson

ID 14773

Lars Willner

Co-founder & CEO InstrumentChamp. Previously CFO of SnapTV and co-founder of Sagastream. Startup advisor in Winner Ventures, helping entrepreneurs create growth

ID 158814

Nathan Lynch

ID 84000

Jon Essen-Moller

CEO at Tenka AB

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