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ID 453930

Didrik Persson

One of those Start-up kids currently a founder & CEO at @canu • Studied at @hyper-island

ID 175590

Christoffer Elings-Pers

Founder @coursio • Web-entrepreneur. Passionate about web services that simplify peoples lives and the heartfull startup.

ID 426678

Anette Nordvall

Partner Stockholms Business Angels, CEO Programmera MGM, Partner, Owner STEAM Consulting Creative SALES Strategist and Business Innovator ICT

ID 422102

Louise Eriksson


Co-founder + CEO Vint (airbnb for personal training) Founder AdProfit (Scandinavia's largest b2b adnetwork and media representative)

ID 637457

Håkan Tylen

CEO of Load Impact. Strong business background (FAST (Microsoft), Konftel (Avaya), Cognos (IBM), 3Com (HP))

ID 717045

Antoine Heftler

Co-founder of IBaround, a company providing a geo-marketing solution to the travel retail industry. We enable precise engagement of the Global Shoppers

ID 709572

John Laster

ID 583115

Jacob Pontén

Founder Automile

ID 514428

David Johansson

Founder @happyr. Passionate entrepreneur who combines solid technical skills, business acumen and leadership to grow ideas into companies.

ID 396321

Sanna Nilsson

CEO and co-founder of @codarica. We aim to teach children an universal language; programming.

ID 446195

Amanda Colldén

Founder @wofo-agency-ab

ID 221933

Pelle Ljungwall

CEO of zkyon inc. Young business professional, digital freedom fighter & disruptive entrepreneur. Launching something ground breaking soon.

ID 368213


Founder JobStar • Studied at @royal-institute-of-technology. First software startup 1996. JobStar is my 4th startup.

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